Metric---Suit to ISO Standard and DIN Standard
Inch---Suit to American Standard
Carbide Burrs In Set
● Machining various kinds of metal material including ≤HRC65 hardened steel.
● Instead of small emery wheels,without powder pollution.
● Increasing productivity of several ten times than using hand tools and three to five times than using small emery wheels
● Having long life of ten times than high speed steel burrs and fivty times than small emery wheels.
● Finish m achining various kinds of die cavities.
● Removing the burrs of the castings,forgings and the welding spatter on the weld assemblies.
● Chamfering angle,circular bead or flute on the mechanical components.
● Chamfering or burring the pipes.
● Polishing the impeller channel.
● Grinding the hole to an accurate shape.
16 pcs Carbide Curr  sets
* 16pcs set, include the most popular used shapes and sizes.
* Be preferred for accurate metal removal when shaping,leveling or porting cast iron,steel or other
* Individual can be adjusted according to requirement.
* Both ISO/DIN standard(Metric) and Amercian standard(Inch size) products are avaliable.
     Single Cut
 Metric  Inch
A0616M06  D1009M06   SA-1SC  SD-3SC
B0616M06  E1016M06   SB-1SC  SE-3SC
C0616M06  F1020M06 SC-1SC  SF-3SC 
G0618M06  L1025M06  SG-1SC  SL-3SC 
 F0618M06  A1225M06 SF-1SC  SA-5SC 
 L0616M06  C1225M06 SL-1SC  SC-5SC
 D0807M06  F1225M06 SD-2SC  SF-5SC 
 N0810M06  G1225M06 SN-2SC  SG-5SC 
Order No. CSM16-3016S  Order No. CSM16-3116S 
     Double Cut
 Metric Inch 
A0616X06  D1210X06  SA-1DC  SD-3DC
C0616X06  G1020X06 SB-1DC  SE-3DC 
G0618X06  F1020X06 SC-1DC  SF-3DC 
F0618X06  L1025X06 SG-1DC  SL-3DC 
 D1009X06  A1225X06  SF-1DC  SA-5DC 
E1016X06  C1225X06 SL-1DC  SC-5DC 
A1020X06  F1225X06 SD-2DC  SF-5DC 
C1020X06  L1228X06 SN-2DC  SG-5DC 
 Order No. CSM16-3016D Order No. CSM16-3116D 

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