Metric---Suit to ISO Standard and DIN Standard
Inch---Suit to American Standard
Carbide Burrs In Set
● Machining various kinds of metal material including ≤HRC65 hardened steel.
● Instead of small emery wheels,without powder pollution.
● Increasing productivity of several ten times than using hand tools and three to five times than using small emery wheels
● Having long life of ten times than high speed steel burrs and fivty times than small emery wheels.
● Finish m achining various kinds of die cavities.
● Removing the burrs of the castings,forgings and the welding spatter on the weld assemblies.
● Chamfering angle,circular bead or flute on the mechanical components.
● Chamfering or burring the pipes.
● Polishing the impeller channel.
● Grinding the hole to an accurate shape.

Baoding Co-Better Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. located the famous town of Laggue and Bag----Baigou. We are professional manufacture of Carbide Rotary Burrs. We could supply the standard prodcuts in metric and inch. The metric size product, suit to the ISO standard and DIN standard. The inch size suit to the American standard. In the mean while, we could supply goods in special size according to the customers’ requirement.

Now days, we could supply the Carbide Rotary Burrs made by CNC machine as well as the the products made by ordinary products. Most of our product was exported. Our products is sold to Europe and the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries. Reliable on the quality and service, we gain good name in our customers.


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